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Online Coaching

Are you ready for your transformation? Mel will work with you closely.

  • 3 hr
  • 400.00/month
  • Online Service

Service Description

How Our Personalized Training Program Works: Embark on your fitness journey with Team Mel by following these simple steps: Initiate Contact: Reach out to Mel and her dedicated team to kick start your transformational fitness journey. 1. Personalized Program Design: - Agree on a start date, and you'll be seamlessly integrated into the Team Mel App. - Complete a detailed consultation form and provide current photos and measurements. - Your coach will craft a customized workout plan tailored to your specific needs and available equipment (whether it's gym facilities or home workouts). - Access your program and instructional videos conveniently through the app, which also tracks your progress. 2. Nutritional Guidance: -Recognizing the crucial role of nutrition, your coach collaborates with you to design a meal plan that aligns with your preferences while meeting the required macros and calorie targets. Weekly Check-Ins: - Submit progress photos and answer insightful questions about your week through the Team Mel app. - Your coach reviews your check-in, making adjustments as needed to ensure continuous progress. 3. Continuous Support: - Benefit from 24/7 support from your coach via the app or email or text. - Quick response times are our commitment, with a goal to reply within 1-2 hours, but never exceeding 24/48 hours. 4. Community Engagement: - Upon joining Team Mel, connect with fellow members through our vibrant online community and group chat. - Embrace the collective spirit—we're all in this journey together. Invest in Your Transformation: Coaching starts at $400.00 (plus applicable taxes) per month. A minimum commitment of 3 months ensures a sustained and impactful fitness experience. Join Team Mel and let's sculpt a healthier, stronger you, together.

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